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EMC Symmetrix and DMX Serial Numbers
You always wondered how EMC comes up with these serial numbers for your Symmetrix and DMX Machines. If your machine serial number starts with HK (it means it was ...   Preview
EMC Symmetrix: BIN file
EMC Symmetrix BIN file, largely an unknown topic in the storage industry and practically there is no available information related to it. This post is just an attempt ...   Preview
Configure VMware ESX(i) Round Robin on EMC Storage » boche ...
I recently set out to enable VMware ESX(i) 4 Round Robin load balancing with EMC Celerra (CLARiiON) fibre channel storage. Before I get to the details of how I did it ...   Preview
IntelliSnap Support - VMware
Initial Setup. Deployment and a successful initial run of an IntelliSnap backup in some complex environments may require customization, due to specific dependencies ...   Preview
NFS Vs. CIFS Performance | Data Storage, Stategic ...
Figure 1 Scatter plot of “NFS throughput” per disk vs. “CIFS throughput” per disk. We made a mistake on our previous version of this chart and as such, have ...   Preview
Vblock vs. FlexPod: What's the difference? - SearchServe
VMware, EMC and Cisco's VCE coalition offer preconfigured stacks called Vblocks, but NetApp's FlexPod offers some of the same capabilities.   Preview
TechBook: Using EMC VNX Storage with VMware vSphere
This EMC Engineering TechBook describes how VMware vSphere works with the EMC VNX series. The content in this TechBook is intended for storage ...   Preview
3par «
I find the comparison fascinating myself at least. It is certainly hard to compare the pricing, given the 3PAR results are five years old, the 3PAR mid range pricing ...   Preview

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