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The Cricut Seems to Be Ripe For the Hacking | Built to Spec
A member at the hackerspace donated a Cricut 6" cutter when she upgraded to the Expression model. I've seen these little devices in most craft stores and even   Preview
Cricut George and Basic Shapes Cartridge Hack B00tl3gg3d ...
Make your own George and Basic Shapes cartridge for use with the Cricut cutter using cardboard and aluminum foil. UPDATED 2/4/2010 Instructions: Many ...   Preview
Make your own Cricut George cartridge for free!
Intro: Make your own Cricut George cartridge for free! Most Cricuts come with the George and Basic Shapes cartridge, unfortunately mine did not.   Preview
Cricut Automatic Paper Cutter - Hackable?
I just picked up a Cricut Paper Cutter a couple of days ago, and I'm convinced it can be hacked into a general CNC very easily, with the right expertise, which I lack!,1496,page=7   Preview
Obsessed with Scrapbooking: Even More Cricut Tips!
Cricut Tips Paper Help When I use normal weight paper I set my machine to speed 2, pressure 3 and blade 4. So far things have worked out great for me.   Preview
Using the Cricut Design Studio to Weld Letters - YouTube
A short, easy tutorial to show you how to use the Cricut Design Studio to weld your words together. From   Preview
Cricut Personal Dissection | Built to Spec
Here's what I found in my dissection of my Cricut Personal cutter. I think this is a pretty good jumping off point if you're interested in repurposing the   Preview
Types of Cutting Files: Digital Cutting Files Explained ...
The biggest rage in scrapbooking and card making right now is the use of digital cutters. The one most people are familiar with is Provocraft’s Cricut . The ...   Preview
How to Make simple tri-fold cards « Papercraft
How to Make simple tri-fold cards. Learn how to make simple tri-fold cards with these instructions. What you will need: -5 1/2" by 11" cardstock paper -Scorer ...   Preview
Alternative Energy Forums, News, Blogs, Resources ...
Connect and share in green living and alternative energy forums, News, Blogs and Resources. Topics include green tips, the environment, renewable energy, activism.   Preview
Origami Birthday Card « Wonder How To
How to Make a Cricut "you rock" birthday card Mary shows us how to make a Cricut "you rock" birthday card in this video. Use the Cricut paper dolls cartridge to find ...   Preview
Origami Birthday Cards « Wonder How To
How to Fold an origami birthday hat napkin design This short origami video tutorial will teach you how to fold an origami birthday hat napkin design.   Preview
While Daddy's Away, Mommy Will Play - 9 o'clock Dance of Joy!
So my husband is gone for the next two weeks, which means two weeks of crafting and projects without feeling guilty! It was finally a nice warm day today ...   Preview Toys & Games
Amazon Toys: More Than Your Average Toy Store. Amazon's Toys & Games Store features thousands of products, including dolls, action figures, games and puzzles, hobbies ...   Preview
108GAME - Play Free Online Games
Free Online Games at Awesome action games, puzzle games, adventure games, multiplayer games, skill games & best action games.!   Preview

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