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how to change root password in debian
This is one of the problem faced by many person’s“what if i lost the root password”First thing that comes in mind is “use single user mode” but the answer ...   Preview
Reset lost root password and more using Knoppix (Linux ...
10 Responses to “Reset lost root password and more using Knoppix (Linux live CD)” waldemar Says: October 8, 2007 at 5:55 pm | Reply. You can also reset ...   Preview
How to Reset debian Root Password
Sponsored Link If you forgot your root password for your debian server use the following procedure to reset. Boot to the GRUB menu. Then, press <e> (for edit) before ...   Preview
Reset root password (Ubuntu Linux) without CD
Resetting your systems root password may be a necessary step if you have forgotten it or have bought a used computer which you don't want to setup anew. Doing   Preview
Download Debian Live 7.6.0 for Linux - Softpedia
Application description. Debian Live is an open source Live CD Linux operating system that uses a barebone setup and allows for further cu...   Preview
B-RAD » Debian on the WD TV Livedebian-wdlxtv-live
Earlier this month playdude made an interesting comment on the WDTV Live firmware development page. It intrigued me and I brought up the debian guide on debbootstrap ...   Preview
GParted -- Live CD/USB/PXE/HD
Installation Instructions. To install GParted Live on CD, download the .iso file and burn it as an image to a CD. For other installations, please refer to the ...   Preview
Live Internet Kiosk Using Debian Linux -
This is the revamped version of the Debian Internet Kiosk with Firefox 2 HOWTO. I have adapted it to use Iceweasel, which gives a major improvement for streamlining ...   Preview
Reset password in Ubuntu with a live CD or live USB - YouTube
If you cannot reset with the Grub menu (timeout is 0, for example), you can use a live CD or live USB to reset your forgotten password.   Preview
Change or Reset Windows Password from a Ubuntu Live CD
@Zain. These steps are to reset a Windows password from Ubuntu. Resetting a Ubuntu password from Ubuntu is a one-word command (passwd). Resetting a Ubuntu password ...   Preview
Debian User Forums • View topic - [Solved]Fail when ...
Installation ... "Hello, I have installed Debian Etch (kernel 2.6.18-6-686) on a IBM xSeries 232 sever ..." · "Here is my dmesg when I managed to boot with the old ...   Preview
Planet Debian
The abbreviated title above means "Appreciation for Localization" :) I wanted to say a word of thanks for the awesome work done by debian localization teams.   Preview
Elive: Intuitive, fast, and complete OS
Elive is extremely fast because it consumes minimal resources and it is highly optimized. You can even run Elive in your oldest computer transforming it back to a ...   Preview
Anonymous Live DVD/CD list | Privacy Lover
The best way to avoid leaving traces of your computer activities on the hard disk is by using RAM memory that can not be recovered after switching off your computer.   Preview
What is the default root password ? | USB Pen Drive Linux
Setting the default root password: Some Live Linux distributions are created without a root password by default (the root account is inactive).   Preview

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