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Extinct Volcanoes - Universe Today
There are three ways to describe a volcano’s activity; there can be active, dormant, or extinct volcanoes. Active volcanoes have erupted recently. A ...   Preview
Volcano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A volcano is an opening (or rupture) in the surface (or crust) of a planetary mass object such as the Earth which allows hot lava, volcanic ash, and gases to escape ...   Preview
Extinct | Define Extinct at
adjective 1. no longer in existence; that has ended or died out: an extinct species of fish. 2. no longer in use; obsolete: an extinct custom. 3. extinguished ...   Preview
BBC - Learning Zone Class Clips - Extinct volcanoes on ...
Describes how active volcanoes reply on heat from the middle of planets. The core of Mars no longer provides the heat necessary for active volcanoes.   Preview
Volcanoes -
Volcanoes are some of the most devastating natural hazards and when they erupt they can evoke awe and wonder in us all. Volcanoes are basically mountains that can ...   Preview
Frequently Asked Questions - Hawai'i Volcanoes National ...
Questions and answers were provided by Master Volunteer Ranger Ed Bonsey. 1. How many volcanoes are there on the Big Island? Which ones are extinct ...   Preview
Are there any volcanoes in Colorado -
Are there any volcanoes on any moons? There are several: . Earth's moon used to have volcanoes for about a billion years. Is there a volcano in Colorado?   Preview
Volcanoes elsewhere in the solar system . The Earth's Moon has no large volcanoes, but does have many volcanic features such as maria (the darker ...   Preview - Volcanoes
An Active Volcano . Dormant Volcanoes. Dormant volcanoes are those that have not erupted for many years, but have the potential to erupt again. Extint Volcanoes   Preview
Mount Tabor (Oregon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mount Tabor is an extinct or dormant volcanic vent the city park on the volcano, and the neighborhood of Southeast Portland that surrounds it, all in Oregon.   Preview
what is a volcano? - Learn on the Internet
What is a volcano? A volcano is a conical hill or mountain formed by material from the mantle being forced through an opening or vent in the Earth's crust.   Preview
Ancient supervolcanoes revealed on Mars : Nature News ...
A series of Martian craters assumed to have been formed by meteorites may actually be extinct volcanoes so massive that, when they were active billions of years ago ...   Preview
Volcanoes - Slippery Snake | Educational Materials For ...
Extinct volcanoes. Once volcano is completely extinct the softer rocks on the flanks (sides) of the volcano soon wear away, leaving just the plug standing.   Preview
Active Volcanoes of Our Solar System |
Volcanoes Are Not Confined to Earth Evidence of past volcanic activity has been found on most planets in our solar system and on many of their moons.   Preview
BBC News - Toba super-volcano catastrophe idea 'dismissed'
The idea that humans nearly became extinct 75,000 ago because of a super-volcano eruption is not supported by new data from Africa, scientists say.   Preview

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