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Lee Najjar - Reality Tea
Ohhh.. snap! The infamous Big Poppa, aka Lee Najjar, the (still) married sugar daddy to Kim Zolciak has been arrested, y'all! I love me some juicy gossip and it doesn ...   Preview
Lee Najjar Net Worth - Get Lee Najjar Net Worth
What is Lee Najjar Net Worth? Lee Najjar is a Puerto Rican real estate developer with a net worth of $50 million. Lee Najjar acquired that net worth through real ...   Preview
Lee Najjar Wiki - Lee Najjar Net Worth
Lee Najjar Net Worth is $50 Million. Lee Najjar is a Puerto Rican real estate developer with a net worth of $50 million. Lee Najjar acquired that net worth through ...   Preview
Big Poppa (Papa) Revealed: TMZ Has Photos Of Kim & Lee ...
I’m not sure how this story got by me, but TMZ claims to have found the real Big Poppa, Lee Najjar. You know the mysterious married or not married man from The Real ...   Preview
Mugshot Mania – Lee Najjar aka Kim Zolciak’s Big Poppa ...
Lee Najjar, also known as Kim Zolciak‘s benefactor “Big Poppa” on The Real Housewives of Atlanta seems to have some real legal issues going on these days.   Preview
Crigler–Najjar syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Crigler–Najjar syndrome or CNS is a rare disorder affecting the metabolism of bilirubin, a chemical formed from the breakdown of the heme in red blood cells.   Preview
The University of Toledo - Sonia M. Najjar
Dr. Sonia M. Najjar. Frederick W. Hiss Endowed Professor in Diabetes Research Professor, Department of Physiology and Pharmacology Director, Center for ...   Preview
Who is Kim Zolciak's ex-husband, Daniel Toce? Brielle's ...
Who is Kim Zolciak’s ex-husband, Daniel Toce? Plus VIDEO of Lee Najjar on MTV’s Teen Cribs   Preview
Superior cardiovascular effect of aerobic interval ...
1. Circulation. 2007 Jun 19;115(24):3086-94. Epub 2007 Jun 4. Superior cardiovascular effect of aerobic interval training versus moderate continuous training in heart ...   Preview
Noore Najjar - Far Cry Wiki
Noore Najjar is a character who appears in Far Cry 4. Although she is presented as the tertiary...   Preview
Kim Zolciak’s Ex-Boyfriend, ‘Big Poppa’, Arrested In Atlanta
TMZ is reporting that Lee Najjar, Kim Zolciak's former boyfriend who was mentioned many times in The Real Housewives of Atlanta, has been arrested for failing   Preview
Kim Zolciak Biography - Us Weekly
Kim Zolciak biography on Us Weekly, your trusted source for celebrity bios. As one of the loud and opinionated stars of The Real Housewives of...   Preview
Ford Mustang I - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Ford Mustang I is a small, mid-engined (4-cylinder), open two-seater concept car with aluminium body work, that was built in 1962. Although it shared few design ...   Preview
Is Real Housewives’ “Big Poppa” Broke?
Developer Lee Najjar, better known as Kim Zolciak’s sugar daddy on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” my be facing a big of financial difficulties.   Preview
Lead411 People Directory: Emails, Addresses, Titles
Lead411's People profiles including all business people from A to Z.   Preview

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