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Paul Finebaum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paul Alan Finebaum is an American sports author, television and radio personality, and former columnist. His primary focus is sports, particularly those in the Southeast.   Preview
Finebaum Fan » Fan the Flames of the Paul Finebaum Radio Show
Paul Finebaum to Host Live Call-in Show During Sugar Bowl on SEC Network. From Paul Finebaum will be taking your calls again live during the Sugar Bowl.   Preview
Paul Finebaum Radio Network live stream -
The Paul Finebaum Radio Network airs live each weekday 2-6 pm on flagship WJOX-FM. Call 1-866-765-PAUL (7285) to participate.   Preview
The Iron Bowl Hour Tammy, Finebaum - YouTube
Will Lochamy takes you inside the world of Tammy from The Paul Finebaum Show.   Preview
Who Is Paul Finebaum? » Finebaum Fan
F rom Paul Finebaum is an American sports author, television and radio personality and former columnist based in Birmingham, Alabama.   Preview
Paul Finebaum Audio - ESPN - Top Sports Searches - ESPN
Paul Finebaum welcomes Len Elmore, Bob Valvano and Dana O'Neil to the show, and callers give their thoughts on the upcoming Arkansas/Kentucky matchup.   Preview
An Auburn fan lost her mind on Paul Finebaum’s ESPN ...
ESPN’s Paul Finebaum has a legion of devoted listeners and callers, and Auburn fan Tammy Hethcox (who has been a listener since 2008 and took up a second job to ...   Preview
Listen to The Paul Finebaum Show ( online
The Paul Finebaum Show ( - listen online, on demand topics and episodes, location, contact, schedule and broadcast information   Preview
Tammy defends the SEC on Finebaum - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN Video: Tammy from Clanton, AL, called into The Paul Finebaum Show to defend the SEC teams.   Preview
Uncivil: How Paul Finebaum Keeps The SEC's Dixie Aroused
The Southeastern Conference (SEC) is the brawniest thing in college football right now, and a scrawny man, Paul Finebaum, sits atop it.   Preview
Notorious Finebaum Caller Tammy Joins Iron Bowl Simulcast ...
Paul Finebaum's radio show has long had its cast of compelling, crazy, or cretinous callers, and Auburn fan Tammy is one of its most famous. She joined the SEC ...   Preview
ESPN will air a second broadcast of the Iron Bowl with ...
Fans who want to know what SEC radio legend Paul Finebaum is thinking during the Iron Bowl won’t have to wait until his regularly scheduled show.   Preview
The Best of Paul Finebaum during the Iron Bowl -
The SEC Network made the awesome decision to have Paul FInebaum and some friends watch the Iron Bowl, do live analysis, and answer calls from Alabama and ...   Preview
Auburn Football Fan Delivers Memorable Rant On Paul ...
Hethcox doesn't seem to appreciate Finebaum's commentary, but she is actually one of the show's most dedicated listeners. Auburn, which had been No. 3 in ...   Preview
After chatting with SIRAN STACY at the BAMAWEAR Retail Store GRAND OPENING, Tammy, from the Paul Finebaum show, tries to influence some young CRIMSON TIDE ...   Preview

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